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Mannheim (Wasserturm)

Culture and attractions

Experience the typical local atmosphere during your stay in Mannheim, discover the city centre with its shops and restaurants. There are many places of interest near the hotel, some within walking distance.

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Culture and attractions
Distance Attraction Find out more
100 metres Nationaltheater Mannheim Details
500 metres Kunsthalle Mannheim Details
500 metres Oststadt-Theater Details
500 metres m:con Mannheim Details
800 metres Luisenpark Details
1,0 kilometre Alte Feuerwache (cultural centre) Details
1,5 kilometres Capitol (cinema and entertainment) Details
1,5 kilometres Kabarett Dusche Details
1,5 kilometres Klapsmühl' am Rathaus (Kleinkunst) Details
1,5 kilometres Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum Details
1,5 kilometres Schloss Mannheim Details
2,5 kilometres Technoseum (museum) Details
3,0 kilometres Herzogenriedpark Details
5,0 kilometres SAP-Arena Details